Replacing weather stripping around door

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I will be doing my seal in

I will be doing my seal in the next week or so.  Just brought the 13' out of storage :)

Just to confirm.. the flap on the new factory seal faces away form the door opening, correct?

Please post pics of tour bottom of the door seal install, or pics of factory install everyone :)

I will post some pics of my install once I do it.


Thanks for all the help.

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Sorry I'm so long responding.

Sorry I'm so long responding. I may have mispoken earlier about the bottom seal overlapping the side seals. In actuality, as the photos show, the "flap" on the bottom seal overlaps the plastic door edging, and abuts to the side seal. Hope this is clear now, with the photos.

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Replacing weatherstrip around door

I did this door weatherstrip replacement project, and it came out perfect, thanks in no small way to the comments and pics in this thread. Thank you all!


John and Linde


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Way to go!!

Way to go!!