Scamp Owner's International Travel Blog Collection

Below is a collection of travel blogs where we either have met the writer/travelers at a campground/gathering or just find them to be very interesting and relevant.  If you have a travel blog or website you may submit it for consideration to  We'd love to add you to our collection so SOI Members can follow your exploits.

Keep on Scampin!

The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick -( SOI Member)

We've been living in our tiny 13' Scamp travel trailer full-time for almost a month now, so it seemed timely to take a step back and reflect on how it has all been going. All in all, it's worked out pretty darn well. We've become quite fond of our little Scamper. And here's why...

Lakeshore Images - (SOI Member) I found this site in our traffic logs and then met Jon in person at the 2014 Quartzsite gathering.  He has some incredible photography as well as posts of his Full/Part-time adventures. 

Just Finding Our Way - (SOI Member) Full time blog and travelogue in a Scamp 19 Fifth Wheel travel trailer.

The Crumblies on the Road - (SOI Member)Travel blog, adventures and modifications - Scamp 19 Fifth Wheel travel trailer.

Towing Miss Trilly - Wonderful fiberglass egg travelogue featuring the adventures of Miss Trilly a Trillium 4500.

Adventures of Tioga and George - George is now full-timing in a Scamp 13 and publishes a blog that I've enjoyed reading for years.  I like it, because he posts his financial budgets and shows how he and Tioga have managed on the road for many years now.

Frugal RV Travel - Blog and information site concerned mostly with boondocking and frugal travel resources.  Excellent resource for the full/part-timer or even the weekender.