Adding Solar to a Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Due to the rapidly changing technology this solar resource will be a work in progress and we welcome your input and contributions to help keep this up to date. Email comments/information/suggestions to

This is titled "Solar for Scamp Trailers" but the information here is universal and can apply to any brand of Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer or any RV, Travel Trailer, or Motorhome.

  1. Step One: Selecting lifestyle. Just camping or Full-timing?
  2. Step Two: Reducing power consumption - LED Lighting
  3. Step Three: Choosing the right battery solution for travel trailers
  4. Step Four: Selecting Solar Panels for Scamp - Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers
  5. Step Five: Selecting Charge Controller
  6. Step Six: Putting it all together - Coming Soon