Requesting Details of Roof (with AC) Construction - Now, Solar Install Discussion

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RE Good test

Well it was only one day of light testing, and not even in the camper yet (working on that now since its a glorious 62 degrees here).

But it was promising.

Multiple days of cloudy weather will be a problem and a good argument for the 220 AH battery bank.

I do expect I will end up with 100 watts on the roof and 100-200 in portable panels to be deployed as needed, but thats down the road (literally). That seems to be the most versitle way to go.


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My 16' Scamp roof mounted panel

I added another 90 watt panel to my collection. Started with a portable 90 watt, and then decided having one attached to the roof would be good when we have short drives, but are spending the day at parks like Gettysburg, etc. Wouldn't want to leave my portable outside while in the parking lot, so the rooftop would work great there and in my driveway.

We added this last year, originally with just VHB tape under the 4 long brackets I fabricated. I really don't trust just the VHB tape by itself, so I added one corner bracket that is bolted through an already existing hole in the top of my Scamp. 

This setup has worked well in many miles. We started in the FL Keys in Feb, went to TX and back, then to Alaska and back, then Niagara Falls and back, with several other trips thrown in for good measure. Faced the headwinds and crosswinds of the Plains states, and hot and cold weather plus bumpy roads.

Hoping that if the VHB tape starts to give up then I'll notice it during frequent inspections before it fails completely, and that the single bolt will hold it down til in the meantime.

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