How to clean/renew exterior

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How to clean/renew exterior

I recently bought a 2013 13'. It's in fairly good condition overall, but it looks like the exterior though not damaged it's just not as white as it should or could be. I used a power polisher with Maguiar's M6732 Marine/RV One Step Compound, it helped a lot but it isn't as while as I hoped it would be. It did remove the gritty oxidation from the surface however. Any suggestions? Or did I just didn't do a good job with what I used?

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Exterior polishing

I have had satisfactory results with Presta Gel Coat Compound Part no. 138532 which I learned about on a Utube channel called "That Boat Guy".  Good luck!


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LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner

Try the Awesome cleaner.  I had black streaks on my Scamp and it worked really well. Spray it on, wipe it off.  Very easy.  My Scamp had become a dingy white and this seemed to brighten it up.  About $1.00 at one of the Dollar stores.  Dilute as recommended.