Solar Panel to Charge Scamp 13 battery

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Solar Panel to Charge Scamp 13 battery

I am about to own a new Scamp 13 and am looking into purchasing a small solar panel suitable to charge its battery when parked for an extended stay.

Panels come in many different sizes and power outputs --anyone have any experience in what would be the most appropriate size/output for this use?


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Solar First Steps

There are some first steps you should accomplish before figuring out what you need for Solar either briefcase or permanent mount. Read this post to begin. We are working on a Solar Resource that will be posted soon in our resources section to guide members in moving to solar on their trailers.

There are several posts in the Modifications Table of Contents that will help with LED lighting.

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Solar panels on 13' Scamp

Michael, we're putting two solar panels on the roof of my 13' Scamp starting with the driver's side of the camper. I'll try to get pictures of the process as he does the passenger side, which will be more complex because of the awning. He also made a sandwich board solar set up for me, too.

We'll have the camper at the Lanesboro MN gathering the end of May if you're planning on coming there and he can give you a tour.