Shoulder Seasons for Scamping

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Shoulder Seasons for Scamping

Being in Florida, this is the beginning of our Camping Season. It is also a period before the Snowbirds arrive and fill every campground to capacity.

We like Camping in the "Shoulder Seasons", there are fewer people to make it crowded, Reservations are plentiful, the weather is usually great and the "Snowbird" prices haven't kicked in yet. This applies both before and after the Snowbirds come and go.

Here in Florida the Shoulder Seasons are September (after Labor Day) through the middle of November and the middle of March through Memorial Day (excluding Spring Break Week[s]).

This year we might try some boondocking in areas where the Snowbirds are not (during Snowbird Season).

I am sure that around most of the Country the Fall and Spring Seasons provide great camping experiences without the attendant crowds of Summer.

Let us know of some of your favorite times of the year for Scamping.



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Its truly fall for us, no AC

Its truly fall for us, no AC needed, crisp air, and just great scenery. Wish it lasted longer, but its fall for us. Spring is second for us as the HOT summer is to follow quite soon. Sometimes we don't even have much of spring as it goes from cold to HOT. During our last 2 vacations, our AC ran 8 days in a row!

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