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Scrambled Eggs MN

Friday May 6 & 7
Some of us decided that we should make this an anual thing so, We will be doing a back to basics meet here at mille Lacs Kathio Campground Petaga on the shores of Mille Lacs lake May 2016 So many meets have been organized to the top so this will be simple . No host we will have Cowboy coffee each morning at 5:30 to whenever morning ends and Homegrown pop corn each evening and most likely a pot luck one evening WE WILL BE HAVING A WIENER ROAST FOR THE MEET AND GREET SO BRING DOGS!!!  They have first come event lodge with fireplace and all, and I am sure we will have entertainment from out Scamp “troubadours” so bring any music you can handle even if you can’t we will surely Grin and applaud. Mille lacs is just north West of the Twin citys about 60 miles