replacing hand pump with 12V pump

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replacing hand pump with 12V pump

Here's how I installed a 12V water pump to replace the hand pump if anyone is interested . It's not a hard job - just takes some time .

1. I removed the seat over the water tank to get to the water line - 

2. Removed the old water line connector to accommodate a new water line and clamped the water line to the new fitting .

3. Ran the water line under the linoleum to the other side where I mounted the Sureflo 12 V water pump ( this location is easier to change the filter and is located close to the fuse panel for running the new 12V line . 

4. At the out going side of the pump I continued with the new water line and fed it up the hole where the old hand pump was located .

5.Installed a bar faucet - Amazon ) - $21.00 

6. installed a water pump switch to control the faucet - see pictures

7. enjoying water on demand instead of by hand !