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New Trailer Tour Forum

One of the favorite events most folks enjoy at Scamp Camps and gatherings around the country is the open house or Trailer Tours. Not everyone can make a Scamp Camp so our new forum "Trailer Tours" allows SOI Members to open their trailer for virtual tours. Hope you enjoy this feature and I look forward to seeing some of the members trailers! yes

If you need help with photos, etc. we're here to help just email us.

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Old Trailer in New Trailer Forum

We purchased our 1974 13' SCAMP used in May 1975.  In the interim, we did own a 32' Jayco Designer Series fifth wheel for about 10 years.  We enjoyed the fifth wheel.  But the SCAMP has continued to be our "go to" camper.  Now in our mid-70s, we continue to enjoy periodic "Scamping."  

When our SCAMP was about 25 years of age, we did a fairly extensive refurbishment; at age 40 we did a complete restoration. We have enjoyed that part of ownership as well. 

Prior to 1975 and continuing for decades, we also enjoyed several other forms of camping, particularly backpacking.  In the late 70s, when our two sons were teenagers, we tent-camped for three months in Europe, Greece and Turkey.