Mods to 2005 13 ft-- bed, fan, paint

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Mods to 2005 13 ft-- bed, fan, paint

My husband Jim:

1. Cut a hole in the top and inserted a Max Fan. It works great! We have AC and a furnace but really seem to mostly need a fan

2. Modified the bed so we can sleep lengthwise instead of across. This is a work in progress as he has to make it so we can still use the furnace. Also he trimmed it so that we can open the refrigerator. Took the door off the bathroom. We have much appreciated toilet but no shower.

3. Plans to add another electric outlet for his side of the bed and also 2 reading lights over the bed.

4. Thinking about a more efficient refrigerator as the temp inside it seems to vary from 60 to 34 degrees.

MEANWHILE, my friend, Birdi, painted some birds on the back so people stuck behind us on mountain passes will have something to look at  :-)

Kate in Colorado