Lithium battery

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Lithium battery

We have a 2021 Scamp and are planning to install solar.  We want to see what we use first before making any decisions. However, I would like to upgrade to lithium. Is current system (power converter, etc.) compatible with lithium? 

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Lithium Solar Install

Follow the steps in our solar guide in Resources.
The last steps are panels and solar controller. Probably the most important is battery selection, since a really good battery setup can eliminate the need for solar panels for weekend campers.

Lithium is a great option, but pricey. Just completing our Lithium conversion and only doing it as we are transitioning to Full Time.

The progressive chargers do have a model that accommodates Lithium, but not sure what model Scamp uses now. Can you post the model you have?

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Lithium batteries (continued)

@Greg A:  The link you posted is broken

It's more than likely your Scamp charger is designed for lead acid batteries, not lithium, and if you make the change to lithium you must replace the stock charger with one designed for lithium.  Also, your vehicle's charging system has different voltage setpoints than what is required for Lithium batteries so that is also a consideration for making the switch.  One plus for lithium is that it is much less sensitive to temperature than lead acid, but they do not accept a charge when temperature goes below freezing.  They will discharge at temps down to about 4°F, though.