14th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering

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14th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering

GPlease join us for our 14th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering at CAESAR CREEK STATE PARK in SW Ohio, near the junction of I-71 & State Rt. 73. Official rally dates are: Wednesday, Sept. 19th, arrival, and Sunday, Sept. 23rd, departure, but feel free to come sooner or stay later. 

Before you book a site, please private message me, GIVING ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, so I can email you details about the loops we are in & activity/meals etc. Please do NOT post your personal info OR MINE on any web site for security reasons!

NOTHING IS MANDATORY. YOU WILL NOT BE PRESSURED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY ACTIVITY/GAMES/CAMPFIRES, ETC. !! We have group meals each evening, as well as on Sat. morning. We have LOTS of Casita models, some Scamps, Escapes, and many other models of campers, large & small, that typically come. 

Pets are allowed on all campsites, but have had several requests that if pets are brought to the group meals they are kept away from the tables and food areas. Pets must be on leashes per campground policy. 

Don’t forget to use your Senior passes, etc. for a discount if you qualify. Reserve @https://www.reserveamerica.com/ or call: 1-866-OHIOPARKS. 

I do not monitor the sites I post on very often, so if you want info, PLEASE PM me.