10th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering

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10th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering

Please join us for our 10th Annual Ohio Fall Gathering at DILLON STATE PARK, on the east side of Columbus, OH, just north of I-70.    A few people are coming on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, but more are  coming on Wednesday, Sept. 17th or 18th  and departing on Sun., Sept. 22nd.    There are a few people staying until Monday.  There is SO much to see and do in this area.  Feel free to come sooner or stay longer!!  NOTHING  IS  MANDATORY.  YOU WILL NOT BE PRESSURED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY ACTIVITY!!  Come as a stranger and leave as family!!   We have LOTS of Casita models, a couple of Scamps, and many other models of campers, large and small, coming. 

This is within driving distance of the Amish community, Warther Museum in Dover, (the MOST WONDERFUL PLACE), the Longaberger basket factory, and SO much more.  Terry R. and I are putting together a compilation of neat places to go and see.  She and her husband are VERY familiar with the whole Amish area!  If there is enough interest in places like the Warther Museum, (10 minimum) I will be happy to again see if I can get group discount tickets.  Most things in Amish country are closed on Sunday.

We have a BIG group potluck breakfast on Sat. morning, followed by a tour of open campers.  On Sat. evening we have a group potluck meal.  We love campfires in the evening, and will probably designate, either Thursday or Friday evening as “campfire meal night” IF there is enough interest.  It is fun to use pie irons, grill dogs and hamburgers, etc. 

I will be posting updates as they become pertinent on this update; Ohio Fall Gathering. I will post all important info in RED print so you won't miss it. 

We are in Camping Area 1 (pet sites) this year.  These are sites 33-104.   We plan to put our “mess hall” in the large open area between about sites 71 & 83.  The only shower house for this loop is beside site 104.  There is a restroom between sites 64 & 91. That is where people tend to congregate to play cards and table games, etc.   This state park just upgraded their electric service and as a result, were able to put electric back on many sites which it had been removed from.  The outlets AT the sites weren’t upgraded to bigger service – they just got more power coming into each loop.  Looking forward to another fun year! We had about 40 sites booked last year at Dillon! We already have 29 sites booked for this year!   NOTE: Lots 1-32 in this Area 1 are WAY up a hill & NO-pet sites.  You can hardly see those sites from our group areas.  I have that circled in purple on the attached map.

When you book a site, please send Sandy, the rally organizer, a PRIVATE  e-mail through the Scamp Owners International site and give her your site number, dates you are arriving and leaving, and your private e-mail address. She will make sure you receive all updates by personal  e-mail and she will e-mail you her personal e-mail address and phone number so you may contact her directly.  Please do NOT post your personal info on the chat part of any web site for security reasons!

Attached is a map showing the bookings for this rally that we know of so far.  If you booked a site that is NOT in green highlight on this map, please let Sandy know right away!