Buckled bench seat

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Sir David Campsalot
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Buckled bench seat

On my return from a recent outing, I discovered that the fiberglass of the front bench seat is buckled near the floor but only on the driver side. First thought is either the floor came up or the seat dropped. The interior of the storage area behind this seems solid and I have been underneath the trailer but the visual inspection didn't reveal any indication of the floor separating or anything. The front and top of the bench seat appears to be solidly connected to the shell. I did notice that the shell is riding on the frame where the "a frame" of the tongue exits the shell headed for the hitch. I can physically lift the shell about 1/2 an inch or so but, with no one watching, I don't know if this is relieving the buckle or not.

So I am wondering if there is something that keeps the shell off of the frame, like a shim or something? Any thoughts on this issue?

Thank you for looking at this and any ideas you might offer...

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Bench seat


never seen any issue like this. I have done gut restorations, but not shell-off, so not sure if there are shims but don't think so. You definitely should not be able to lift the shell off the frame any distance and not clear if that is the case. If it is, then some of the attachment screws have probably sheared and need to be redone.

keep us posted as you dig into this more, maybe someone who has done a frame off will chime in.

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