Cover for Scamp 19 5th Wheel

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Cover for Scamp 19 5th Wheel

My wife and I have finally found a Scamp 5th wheel to buy!  The current owner has several add-ons they are including, but not a cover for when not in use.

Can anyone recommend a cover for a Scamp?  CalMark sells custom fit ones, but they cost over $1,000 with shipping.  

Any help will be much appreciated.

Paul O.
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For a little more than $1000


For a little more than $1000 (in 2013) I built myself a simple, open sided "Scamport" in Vermont, where it rains and snows a lot. Now in Colorado, I keep it next to the house, without a roof over it. I do have to push snow from the roof with a broom to get the weight off, but it rains much less. I like to be able to access the Scamp in winter to check on things occasionally.

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Dennis U
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Our used Scamp 19' came with

Our used Scamp 19' came with a cover that I have never taken from the bag. I have a pole shed that I store the trailer in wintertime to protect it from the elements. 

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