Water Softeners and Filters

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Water Softeners and Filters

Do you use any? A filter? A softener? Not all well water, city water, campsite water sources are the same. In Indiana, the well water is very high in minerals, high in iron, highly rust producing and it has a wide variety in tastes. It's also hard water.

My outside lines at home are completely UNTREATED and if you fill up a clear glass or a white bowl, you can see the sediments and iron settling out in 10 to 20 minutes. Not so with my inside, TREATED water. For this reason, when I add pool water I place the hose in the skimmer so all the new water gets filtered by the pool filter before being introduced into the pool.This leaves my skimmer inner piping grossly rust colored and 'orange' stained. This happens very quickly. 1-3 times of doing this elsewhere to put in water will start to stain the spot where the new hose water contacts the pool. Likewise,  in Indiana if you use a water softener with the green bags of rust inhibiting salt, that removes all the iron.

Now I plan on using a filtration device to protect my RV's inner tanks, plumbing, valves, seals, etc. It'll also protect the hot water source,  tank or tankless. The softener will protect everything that it does for your home. I believe the end result will also be a lot better tasting and more pure feeling water. A good friend of mine always complained the water while camping was the worst part of camping. His solution was to collect and use rain water when available...

I've found a Blu Tech system that I like and may buy. These are not cheap. 300-500 for a good filter system and 250-300 for the softener. Thoughts?

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we use a PUR water pitcher,

we use a PUR water pitcher, it filters the water for us wherever we go.

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Water filters

We use an inline filter from Amazon for a few bucks. The water in the campgrounds we have used across the country are good. Mostly well water. Keep it simple.

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