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New Solar Forum

Welcome to the SOI new Solar Forum. 

Solar installations are becoming more and more prevalent on modern molded fiberglass travel trailers, so at Scamp Owners International we are getting ready to launch an entire solar resource section to walk you through step-by-step the considerations for moving your trailer to a solar equipped unit. The first step will be this forum which will be dedicated to installing solar and sharing information about what you need and how to do it.

The first two sections of our new dedicated solar resource section are published.

Stay tuned for more that is coming.

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deep cycle battery

I was just getting ready to order portable solar panels with the cables and charger for $300. Renogy      The salesperson told me to make sure I have a deep cycle battery. Does anyone know if the 2016 16 foot Scamp come with that type of battery?



Mary Fletcher

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deep cycle battery

Yes, a marine deep cycle starting battery. Would not my first choice, but that's what mine had. I switched to double batteries for more capacity, but the stock Scamp battery will be fine.