Replacing door lock

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This doorlock and hinge?

Just one I grabbed from the internet.

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It is in this video about 12 minutes in

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Scamp door lock

I forget where I saw the original instructions, but I added this Fastec FIC brand lock back in 2014 to our 05 Scamp 16'. Although mine is a manual key lock, you can also get electronic locks that would fit in the same footprint.

Made a template before I cut the larger opening, and removed the old latch since it would not line up with the new lock.

The new latch is just a 1.5" wide flat aluminum bar, cut to the size I needed, bent for the 90 degree angle in my workbench vise, and backed up with a piece of wood on the interior for extra strength. I rounded the edges with a file so they wouldn't be too sharp.

I really like the newer lock, and the deadbolt is an actual lever you can easily find in the dark, instead of trying to poke a pin in a hole in the dark like our old lock.

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Related Keyless lock

I posted replacing this with a keyless lock earlier this year, The hole on the new flat door is a standard hole. 3.75" x 2.75" and 1.5" deep...