Water Leak in Roof Vent in Bathroom

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Water Leak in Roof Vent in Bathroom

So I had to do my first repair job on Twister2. During a recent trip to Niagara Falls at the end of June, we had quite a rain storm during the night. Upon awakening the next morning, we found a huge puddle of water on the toilet and floor of the bathroom, with the culprit being the roof vent. (yes I checked to see if the vent was closed...it was) Upon inspection when we got home, I found that the flimsy gasket used to seal the vent had been improperly installed. It was made of a foam material that reminded me of what they use for seat cushions. 

So off I went to the local Ace Hardware store and purchased some door and window sealer. That did the trick, no more leak. 

I guess even new trailers need a little TLC every now and then.

Happy Scamping everyone!wink