Wanted: Replacement Window for 1983 Scamp 13’

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Wanted: Replacement Window for 1983 Scamp 13’

Hello all,

 We just bought a 1983 13' Scamp. The previous owner removed the driver side louvers from the window frame and mounted a window A/C unit. I'm wanting to remove the A/C unit and replace the window. I'm needing the old style crank window. Any help would be appreciated.

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It appears to me, looking at

It appears to me, looking at the photo, that you have the full jalousie frame for this rear window and that it is in good order.  If I am correct, the restoration of that window is a very simple affair. (Finding a "replacement" is likely to be far more difficult.)

Begin by removing the added plywood, etc. on the inside of the window, leaving only the original frame. 

The two louvered window panels within the frame are held in place by two small screws on each end of the panels, which attach the panels to the hinge arms. Crank open the window from the inside of the trailer to access these hinge arms and screws. From the outside of the trailer, remove each panel by taking out these screws.

Take the louvered panels to a glass shop, and have them install new glass. (The cost should be quite modest.) 

Then, reversing the process, put the louvered panels back into the frame.