Suburban Stove - 16' Scamp Deluxe

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Suburban Stove - 16' Scamp Deluxe

Hello to All:

We are new Scamp owners as of October 2017.  We have a 2015 16' Scamp Deluxe.  On a recent camping trip, we drove about 20 miles on a gravel road to the campsite.  Once we were there, when we opened the camper, our stove top and oven had basically come apart.  The burners had disconnected from the arms and the door on the oven had come partially off the hinge.  So, after a few minutes of panicking, we were able to put everything back together.  Our thoughts were that the screws were just loose...and all would be fine.  But, on the way back home from the camping trip, the same thing happened.  Then this happened on our trip this past weekend and we did not even drive on dirt roads.   Has anyone else had this happen to them?  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to prevent this from happening again?  We live in rural NW Montana, and gravel roads are VERY common for us for most of our camping trips.  Thanks for any advice!  Mary and Ron




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I’d coat the screws with Lok-tite and reassemble. Should take care of it.

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Wheel Balance

The Lock-tite may solve the problem of screws coming loose. But I think there way be an underlying problem. Too much vibration caused by one or more of the trailer wheels being out of balance. I have not seen this issue come up on this site and we have towed our 13 Scamp many miles, some in NW Montana without the stove coming apart. We did get the wheels balanced though.

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Thanks for the suggestions! 

Thanks for the suggestions!  We did take the trailer to the tire shop and 1 of the tires was out-of-balance.  We had this fixed and then we made another trip down a bumpy gravel road to camp last weekend.  The stove did much did not fall apart...but we also used a bungee cord to hold the top on it!  So...hopefully between the two changes, the problem is solved!  :)


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I have been fighting with my

I have been fighting with my Suburban Stove/Oven ever since I  got my hands on it in 2013. Excuse my litany of woes, but here it is. The gas supply line was broken from metal fatigue (AL is more susceptible than copper), The oven door hinge slot was partially worn out from vibration, later on the oven pilot was hard to light and the cause was a leak in that pilot line, so the pressure at the pilot light was low, and the leak alone was a big danger. I replaced those various parts and while I had it all apart, I tried to secure the screws with Lexel caulk/adhesive. It did not work that well, so the second time it was apart I replaced all sheet metal screws of size 8 with size 12 or 14. Also I predrilled in several places and added several extra. Also had to use some plumbers epoxy putty to repair one of the brackets that hold the burner tubes on top.

From your picture it is clear that the left rear burner broke from the support bracket. The spot welds are visible. You may have to replace that as an assembly, since the burner gets too hot for any epoxy.

So, now when we go on any roads, the oven door has a strap that keeps it closed, a strip of closed cell foam is jammed in along the top edge of the door to keep it from jumping up and down and falling out, the grill on top is secured with 1/4 inch nuts to the top white cover and that white cover is secured to the front trim by duct tape. With all of this, I think we could drive to Chaco Canyon again, and make it back in one piece!

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Wheel Balance

On my first outing returning home after purchase (not the factory), on the last leg of a 5 day trip, I found a few things, window knobs, fridge latch, had shaken loose. I took my wheels to a tire shop and they put 2 oz. of weight on one, and 3 oz. on the other. That's a lot of weight for a 13" wheel. I don't remember hitting anything, but some new rims may be in order. That's really a lot of balance weight.



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