Regular Post-Trip Cleaning Suggestions & Warnings

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Regular Post-Trip Cleaning Suggestions & Warnings

Hi, all:

We appreciate the great wisdom and advise we are finding on these forum threads as new owners. Thanks to everyone who regularly participates :)  I looked around for an answer to this question, but most cleaning topics seemed to be more focused on deep cleaning or serious issues vs. just regular old maintenance. 

We've just returned from our second weekend away and I'd appreciate any recommendations on what products you use or would warn away from for the post-regular weekend away kind of cleaning for the interior. Haven't ever owned an RV/trailer before and certainly have never cleaned a plastic RV/marine toilet. Our 2007 Scamp 13' Deluxe w bath is in great shape and I'd love to keep it that way. 

Also, between trips should I leave the fridge open or closed? Assume a fresh box of baking soda is a good idea. 

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Leave it open.

The refrigerator needs to be open when off and the RV parked. Remember to shut it before you move the RV, or the swinging door could damage the hinges. Wipe it dry inside and block the door open an inch or two.

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Fridge Door

The Dometic refrigerator in our 13 Scamp has a little plastic piece that holds the door shut. This piece also has a second "notch" that holds the door slightly open. The door should be open while the fridge is not in use so that air can circulate to prevent oder build up and keep the inside dry.

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toilet cleaner

Go to a local RV dealer or look online for toilet bowl cleaner specifically for RVs.  Thetford makes one, and at least one or two others do too.  Yes, wipe out the fridge after camping and leave the door open.  Mold/mildew can start growing in only a couple days!  If you had a wet camping trip, open the windows to let it dry out completely inside.  Humidity is your sworn enemy.  

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