No hot water when activating shower

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No hot water when activating shower


New owner of a 2005 Scamp 16 with shower.  I'm having an issue where no hot water is coming out of the shower.  No issues with hot water at the kitchen faucet.  Pump does not activate when hot water shower dial is opened but will when cold shower dial is opened.  I don't see a bypass valve of any type.  Thinking it could be shower faucet issue but am hoping someone has been down this road before.  Are clogs in lines a thing?

Any ideas?


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Makes sense

Your assessment seems logical that the Fawcett is the issue. Clogged lines is unlikely unless the line is pinched closed somehow. The rubber sealing grommet at the back of the fawcett may have swollen or had some debris. Removing the tube from the rear of fawcett and a quick  pump switch cycle  would help diagnose where the stoppage is. . 

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The only hidden valve is the cold water feed to the Water Heater. Since the kitchen sink hot water works that valve should not be an issue. With the pump off remove shower hot water valve body or disconnect line from the shower valve and feed line into a bucket and bump the pump switch on to see if you have water flow. The plastic fixtures in Scamps and other RV are not very high quality, it could be very likely a bad or stopped up fixture. New RV shower fixtures are about $25. From the factory there are no separate valves for a shower hot water shut off that I have ever seen.