Floor Rot under fresh water tank

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Floor Rot under fresh water tank

Hi Y’all, Long Time:
The most serious (among many) problem with my 2014 13': I have discovered that somehow, somewhere my fresh water tank has started leaking. It will empty a full tank in a day. It is dripping somewhere inside resulting in (1) a small “flow” under the bolster into the dinette foot area; and (2) a line of rot in the underside of the plywood floor along the line of the tank (I can punch it with thumbnail). So bad that the screw holding front strap in place has pulled out.
I am sorta handy, but not this handy.
Is this something that Scamp could handle? Or do I need to find someone elsewhere?


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Floor repair

I don't know if Scamp does floor repairs, most owners do their own. It's not very complicated just takes time and can be a little dirty. There is a good thread here on floor repair.You also could use Git-Rot if it is a small area. If you use Git-Rot you will have to seal the under the floor to keep it from running on the ground until it seals up. Just remember the floor is what holds the shell off the frame.