Cushion Covers

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Cushion Covers

My new to me 1981 13 SCAMP needs new covers for the cushions. The only option online from scamp are 3 colors at 390 for the set. Anyone have any good options for custom seamstresses that know scamps well enough for it not to be a huge project?


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Go to a fabric store

I had beautiful slipcovers and fun curtains made by a woman who does some sewing on the side.  I took 2 or 3 cushions at a time to her home so she could make the covers to fit.  If you don't know someone who sews you could try going to JoAnn Fabrics and ask if one of their employees or a friend takes on sewing projects. It is quite a bit of sewing, so you may have more than $390.00 into covers by the time you buy the material and pay for the labor.  Jazzy cushions (and curtains) really make that little space look happy though! 

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Cushion Covers _ just like Curtains

I swear if someone would make new aftermarket cushion covers and curtains they could have a good home business.