Bear Country Scamp Questions

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steve gill
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Bear Country Scamp Questions

Hi. New (to me) Scamp owner of a 99 13 foot. Traveling to bear country near red Lodge Montana in a few weeks with a few precaution questions for folks. 4 of us will be in the Scamp (pretty cosy) and my almost 18 year old is going to car camp next to us in the back of our Honda Pilot (surprisingly roomy). This means the cooler and garbage can't go in the car. Does anyone have any experience of coolers fitting in bear lockers? I have an old steel belt coleman and plan to put that the gas camp stove and any trash in the bear locker. Doable? Also, the drive out there is 13 hours? Has anyone run their fridge on battery for that duration? I plan to use propane when there - but also a bit worried about putting food in the fridge with bears crusiing around. Multiple questions. Lastly did think about putting food in roof box but that seems risky with son in the car. Any advice appreciated? Thanks!


Eric in Mi
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Bear Country Scamp Questions

Have had black bears at our camper in the early am so i understand your concern. My advice would be to call the campsite(s) you plan on going to and ask about prior bear contact and stories/advice. One of the reasons we no longer tent camp lol.

best of luck and have a safe trip.

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Bear Country

Try to find information about the bears beforehand. Black & brown bears are much different than dealing with Grizzly bears. I back country hiked in Yellowstone and various areas north of there for decades. One of the images used by rangers for hikers is metal cooler chest with tooth marks top and bottom.