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A water manometer can be made from a 3-4 foot length of 1/4-5/16 clear vinyl tubing taped in a "U" shape to a cardboard back round and water in the tube and marked in inches. Look up water manometers for ideas. I believe Propane system should be around 11 inches of water differences between the high and low.  But please look up examples and become very comfortable with the concept and issues as it is very flammable and can become explosive. I have a Gas distributor near me that will actually pressure test for you and make recommendations.  

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You definitely can make one, but the popular ones are not that expensive and since it's a regular tuneup that should be done, I'd probably put one of these in my home maintenance kit. I've had a fellow camper that has gone around at gatherings and has been doing mine every year, so haven't gotten one yet, but it's a very simple process to do. My fridge always runs much cooler after we fine tune the gas pressure.

Here are two popular Manometer's: (SOI sponsored link) (SOI sponsored link)

Link on how to build your own, but it is quite a bit larger than the two above

There is usually a test port on the incoming gas line to the fridge where you can attache the manometer. Once attached you turn on the propane, start the fridge, and we usually light a burner on the stove. They recommend about 50% of the appliances be running during the adjustment. The manometer should read about 11 column inches if regulator is set correctly. If it's low or high there is an adjustment star on the regulator(refer to your regulator manual for location) that you simply turn until the manometer reads 11. Turn everything off, remove the manometer, put the plug back in and you're done till next season.

The annual orifice cleaning should be the first step prior to the manometer test and adjustment. May vary slightly per model but this is a good general walk through.


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thank you!

thank you!

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