Refrigerator vs ice box

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Refrigerator vs ice box

The biggest reason we liked the 3way frig vs an ice box? We'd unload from our house frig to the camper frig. When returning home, we'd unload from the camper frig to the house frig without worrying that the food hadn't been stored properly and even returned frozen items. When we had a camper with an ice box we'd usually determine that some of the food was iffy and toss it. Yes, the absorption frig's are fickle; I had to check the gas pressure occasionally and mess with the piezo sparker sometimes. And it took forever to get the frig lit if the propane had been off. But, all in all, we felt it was worth the hassle. Oh, our Dometic frig stayed lit on the road but I read that many won't. Just depends on ones needs.....

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If I had to make the choice,

If I had to make the choice, I would also go with the refrigerator rather than with an ice box. I had to replace the piezo lighter once. When the gas has been off for a long time, I light a burner on the stove first, to get gas into the lines. Then light the fridge pilot. It still takes a number of clicks. 

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Paul O

Yep; forgot to mention that running other propane appliances might help get the gas to the LP frig (since it uses such low LP....). Thanks. 

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We too went with the fridge. It is the tiny 1.7 without a freezer. Very dependent on ambient temps since it does not really vent properly. Not enough distance between the upper and lower side vents so minimal convection to pull the heat out. But by adding a 4 inch muffin fan to the upper side panel is is much better. Ours is one that refuses to stay lit under way but We over killed the wire size to allow the 12v system to tide us over.  I still like the mini fridge better than the ice box and save the ice for the cooler. One thing we did was take an digital  inside/outside thermometer and use the outside temp sensor in the fridge as a cross check of temps without opening the door to check. I just velcro'd the sensor to the upper side and it is always on and close enough. 

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Icebox vs Fridge

Having had both in Scamps, etc. hands down I'd go with the fridge. Never liked the icebox when I had it.

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Refer,icebox OR thermocooler?

Our basic 13' SCAMP has an icebox. Rarely have we actually put ice into it and used it as an "ice box." We have a thermocooler with us anytime we move from the house to the cottage and back, travel with the car, or go Scamping: it gets a lot of use!  Another option to consider...

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I put a new Domestic frig in last year and it works perfectly.  I run it on land power the day before we go somewhere to get the temp down, then run on propane when towing and camping.  LOVE IT!!

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Replacing an Ice Box with a Refrigerator?

Our 2012 13' SCAMP came with an Ice Box (we purchased our used SCAMP last fall and just love it!).  Has anyone ever replaced the ice box with a refrigerator?  If so, were there any difficulties? Was this an easy installation or would it be better suited to be installed by an RV repair shop?

Thanks!  Jim  

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Our 2016 Scamp 13 was ordered

Our 2016 Scamp 13 was ordered with an icebox and it works well.  Having owned 2 Scamps in the past that had dead refrigerators, we decided to keep it simple.  We take ice from home and then buy it as needed.  What ever makes you happy.


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I guess I'm unusual but the fridge is annoying.

I have a 13 foot Scamp and ordered it to include the propane Dometic fridge because I was so excited about having reliable cold food storage.  Well, that pilot light has given me more problems than I care to recount (I've tried every tip this Forum has offered).  It's annoying when you're finally at the campsite and move from battery to using propane and can't get the pilot light to stay on and keep your food cold.  Now what?  At least with a cooler I knew how long the ice would last and could just replenish.

Recently, I bought a Engel fridge and power it with a Yeti 400 Solar Generator and a 100 watt solar panel.  Now, I just use the sun and don't need propane, ice or any other fickle source.  I put the Engel fridge in the back of my Rav 4 (TV) with the Yeti (will power it for up to 7 hours on a full charge but I plug Yeti into vehicle lighter) and pull it out when I get to the campsite. 

With the Engel, the added bonus is that it saves me from having to go back and forth inside the Scamp when I need something from the fridge.  My little fridge is right there in the shade outside my Scamp and easy to access.  Hope this helps!

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No pilot light

My (and most) refrigerator has no pilot light. It is a permanently burning flame.It's new,have you had it checked under warranty? 

Scamp says not to use gas on the highway but I do and have not had it blow out in 10,000 miles.

If stopping for gas however I stop away from the pumps and turn the refrigerator AND the gas tank off.