No water from hot water tap

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Water Heater

You should have a mfgr/model # tag on there somewhere and the same model may still be available for a direct replacement.

I.E here are the Suburban RV water heaters on Amazon: (SOI sponsored Link)

It should be a 6gal water heater just need the specifics of what is in your Scamp as they do change over the years.

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Rarely are RV appliances exactly Plug and Play but there is a Brand and Model number on the inside of the door and If you can find one on line with that number it may ease the install. The manufacture may have a retrofit page if you contact them.  . Simple things like where the gas line or water lines  comes in can be difficult if way different. . Our 2019 13 came with some minor sheet metal mods( trimming Grinding )  behind the door to make The door close better with the curved Scamp. I do not know if this is necessary. Others here are better versed on this I am sure.    

2019 Scamp 13 standard