Front Stabilizer jacks

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Front Stabilizer jacks

Has anyone added (or used) jacks at the front end of a 16' Scamp to stabilize it.   Our Scamp rocks quite a bit when walking inside, and am considering using removable jacks OR attaching them to the frame near the front.

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yes, i bought these from

yes, i bought these from amazon (link below), i use one on each side, in tandem with the back jacks there is 0 movement in the scamp (i'm a large 240 pound dude, so that says a lot).  they are rated for 5000 lbs., so in the event of a flat or other issue, they can be used to lift the car/trailer as well.  i've had them well over a year now and don't have any issues with them.  the hand crank is what i use, works fine.

1987 Scamp 16

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Stabilizer jacks

Old thread but thought I'd ask. Did you attach these or just place them each time?