Charging battery while towing - what does it?

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Charging battery while towing - what does it?

Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade my regular deep cycle battery to a Trojan t-105. I'll be charging it the majority of time with my existing Renogy 100w solar suitcase kit while boondocking (which is what I do most of the time with occasional shore power use). 

My 2011 13' Scamp has the Progressive Dynamics PD9130 controller; I'll be plugging their Charge Wizard into it for better charging of the battery. 

My question has to do with charging the battery while underway on the road. I know my 7 pin hook up supplies a charge -- does it go directly to the battery or does it route through the controller in the Scamp?

If not, is it recommended that I get a charge controller for the car? Ie Orion's 20A DC to DC one?

Muchero thanks for any clarity!


PS. I've been full time camping in the Scamp since 2016 and absolutely love it. The Scamp has been a champ handling whatever I dragged it through in remote areas. : )

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Not Direct

I believe it goes thru the controller/converter circuits, at least on newer models but maybe all of them... newer models also have a DC cut off master switch inside the trailer that (wiring-wise) is upstream of the controller or converters. When this switch is off, you can't recharge the battery. Call Scamp, they could give you info for your trailer VIN, year model, etc...


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If you have a 7-pin connector

If you have a 7-pin connector, the towing vehicle's alternator should charge the trailer's battery directly.  Your battery should charge fully if you are traveling many hours between camping.  You can check your trailer battery with an inexpensive voltage or multimeter.  If your towing vehicle came with a factory towing package, you may have a heavy-duty alternator to easily handle your vehicle and trailer.  When you are connected to shore power, the battery gets charged through the trailer's controller.