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I was mulling that over too,

Edit: This was a reply to ac0gv in post 10, which I interpreted as referring to the potential mounting location for a Redarc BCDC I'm thinking about (post 9).

I was mulling that over too, but thinking of mounting the Redarc BCDC in the Scamp near the terminal strip J-box for the 7-wire harness in the front closet floor.  Not much room in my TV under-hood area, it would compensate for voltage drop in the charge line, and the environment in the Scamp is probably better fo the electronics too.

It has a ignition switch sensing wire that could be wired to the running lights instead, and there's some voltage sensing features to turn it on and off as well.

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Final call

Sorry for the delay. I did manage to get scamp out for a test run around the block on Wednesday and the system was working perfectly. The autobrake does work really well. The support guys did call me as promised to make sure everything was working before my trip. I can't say enough good things about their support. 

The camper had been sitting at a friends house for three weeks. At home I usually just leave it plugged into shore power. Interestingly the brakes seemed to work fine when I brought it home. The battery was low though. I did not plug it in and experienced the problem a few days later when taking the trailer to have the tires balanced. Did the troubleshooting before I hooked up the shore power as I didn't realize the battery might be the issue. I eventually did hook it up and shortly thereafter, the issues were resolved. I drove it up to Colorado on Thursday and everything works as it should. Bit of a mystery but the low battery  seems to be the only explanation that works.