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Annual Scamp Camp West

Hey Greg,

Is there any chance of a restart of the "old" Sedona or Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ Scamp Camp in early December? I know I have asked this question before and know your situation has changed but we had such a great time that I am still not willing to give up hope that I will get a chance to attend another one of your Scamp Camp Gatherings with no rules other than to be kind to each other and maybe attend the Christmas parade in Cottonwood as a group, just kidding. But that would be kinda cool to be able to sit together again and watch a really neat parade and hope to get a miniature garbage can tossed to you.

Thanks for considering it Greg!


Marty Johnson

Waskish, Minnesota

Greg A
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Christmas in Sedona

Hey Marty,

How the heck are you doing?

Now being retired and traveling in the trailer about 6 months out of the year, I'm not planning to run any gatherings any longer. That horse has left the barn. wink  However, if you or anyone else here would like to bring the Christmas gathering (or any other gathering) back from the dead, I would certainly walk you through everything you would need to do it and back you up. That was a very nice gathering, great area and an easy one to setup and run since Dead Horse State Park started allowing reservations. That time of year kept us between 10-20 trailers which is my favorite gathering size. We'd need to get it posted pretty quickly if you wanted to try it to allow time for reservations, just let me know.

Anyway, hope you and your family are doing great and we hope to get ur way soon in the summer. Missing MI, MN, and WI on our map......

If you're this way let me know as we have an RV pad that folks utilize when they're passing through or visiting.


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Greg retired?

oh Greg! you are to young to retire :-) why you are just a young man compared to many of us. just kidding, congrats on your retirement. we just got another Scamp and were planning on trying to make some of the gatherings again. best of luck in your retirement

Launey and Earlene