2013 13 warped clothes closet door

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2013 13 warped clothes closet door

Looking for creative ideas/materials to replace warped door on clothes closet 2016 13'. Hinges in fiberglass are tight. Top hinge pulled out of the door. 
and thanks , bill.

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Oh my: any photos? (They

Oh my: any photos? (They could help in diagnosing the problems, and suggesting solutions.)

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Closet Door

When I redid my 81 Scamp 13 years ago, I cut all new cabinet and closet doors out of 3/4 Birch Ply. Stained em up with a nice Cherry and brushed nickel hardware. This was years before Scamp offered the cherry option, so beat them to it....

Ok, now watch out for this! a slide out drink table for bed-time.....

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