Toilet Tank Leaking at Base

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Toilet Tank Leaking at Base

Hello Everyone,

The base of the tank that my toilet sits on is leaking. Water appears to be coming in on the front right corner (if you're sitting on it) where the tank meets the floor. 

From what I can tell (through online research escapades), the tank sits on a wax seal ring and is screwed to the floor. My current plan of attack to address the leak is to disconnect the water, unscrew the tank, replace the ring, and screw the tank back on. Does anyone have experience with this type of leak? Or corrections for the underlying toilet assembly? 

I have attached pictures of the leak. My Scamp is a 16ft 2007, layout 5 (front bathroom/wet room). 

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Any updates to this? Were you

Any updates to this? Were you able to remove the tank and replace the wax ring?

1991 Scamp 19’