Mouse Hole RV Connector Conversion

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Need Help - Mouse Hole Upgrade

Hello Greg,

Thanks, I reread Gary Lee's instructins and see what he did, which is what will work for me.

What is the diameter of the hole that was already cut into the side of your Scamp. I purchased the Park Power adapter from Amazon, but it does appear that it will completely cover the existing hole. Can you suggest a way to adapt the squre power adapter to the round hole. I've hired someone to do the work, but am trying to do as much as I can in order to keep the labor cost down. Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Mounting hole question

I'm just getting ready to do this mod on my '99 Scamp 16.  But I think there's a fit problem.  The mounting hole in the side of my trailer is almost 3 1/2".  Most of the replacement power inlets I've looked at online don't give exact specs, but the one that did (Conntek) was barely that wide.  Which means its screw holes would not be over fiberglass.

Can anyone point me to an inlet with a flange that wide? 


Randy in Paonia

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I bought my 3 prong twist

I bought my 3 prong twist lock adapter at camping world.

It had all the adapters to replace the mouse hole fittings.

Bill Kelleher


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Another reason to make the

Another reason to make the change from the "mouse hole" to the Marine shore power connection is to prevent what had happened to us.  On our last trip the cord had pushed the flaper door open and worked its way out until the pavement ground the plug end completely off..... we will be making the conversion in the near future.

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Backing board for mouse hole replacement

Greg, did you do this adding of a backing board? How big was it, what does it look like (dimensions, cut-out) and how/where did you attach it (can one just use longer screws for the new power port)? Did you have to undo your installation in order to add the board? If I'm going to do this, I'd rather it were done in one throw.

By the way, it would be super if you could upload bigger pictures. Medium-sized at least. The small ones are so tiny it's really a strain to see what's going on. Thanks!!!

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Eliminating Mouse Hole

When I eliminated the mouse hole in our Scamp I used a Furrion kit 30 amp, 125 volt FCKIT 30-PS. The electrical part was easy and the kit covered the original hole. I used a 8" square piece of half inch plywood to strengthen the side in that area.

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My solution

I did the same upgrade.  The shore power inlet i used was smaller than the existing cutout.  I solved that issue plus the backing plate issue by attaching a pieve of 3/8" HDPE  over the existing hole with 3M 5200 marine sealant/adhesive.  I then cut the proper sized hole in the HDPE and was off to the races.  Aside from the cure time on the 3M ( 7 days) it took me about two hrs to complete.  BTW,  5200 sealant is permanent.  And they mean it!