Window leak

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Window leak

My '84 has original 18" x 24" slider windows,and recently,after some heavy (8 " in 6 hours !} rain,they started leaking from the center of the track,into the interior of the camper. It seemed as if the track filled with water and it had no place to drain to,except to the interior .

  Since then, I cleaned out the tracks,blew air into the weep holes,and sealed along the glass/ rubber gasket contact points. She is sitting in the garage now,so I don't know if that solved the problem or not.

My question is : can these older  sliders be rebuilt {new sliding tracks ,"fuzzy" weather seal, etc} or should I just bite the bullet and replace the window units with the new Hehr awning type sold by Scamp ? Without removing the window units,I can't tell the manufacturer of the original sliders.

Thanks for help/advice.