Which tire brands are good?

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Which tire brands are good?

Which tire brands are good for the 13 ft scamp 175/80 r 13 c range and d range? Where do you order them from? 


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I used and had good luck with Maxxis 8008 tires on my 13" trailer wheels. The 175/80 r 13 are load range C. Quite a few sellers on E Bay, good to get a price ref. but I find them locally. Discount tire sells them. I think the 8008 plus ST are radials


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How about the power king

How about the power king tires on tirerack? Has anyone tried those?

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Other tires

There are many brands of trailer tires and you can find various ratings on the Internet.  It probably will boil down to where you can conveniently get a trailer tire and who has a good price.  I have used Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires (ST175/80R13).  Carlisle makes a huge number of tires.  My 16-ft Scamp Deluxe came with C load tires, which I think were too light for my trailer.  I replaced them with D load tires, which can handle heavier loads, higher speeds, and are wearing well.  The D load tires did not cost much more than the C load, however, C load tires should be fine for a 13-ft Scamp.  Make sure you get radial tires because they handle better on the highway.  I ordered three Carlisle tires from Amazon.  The price was great, the delivery was quick (2-3 days), and the tires were newer (2 months old) than many dealers' tires. However, you will have to pay someone to mount them.  I know other people who like Goodyear trailer tires.