When It Comes To The Frame & Age?

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When It Comes To The Frame & Age?

Because our son is overly sensitive to chemicals I am looking at the ads for older trailers.  In another forum, someone that owned a fiberglass molded suggested something at least 3 years old would be a better choice if we were concerned about the chemicals.  So, I am thinking older but solid is good.  Having owned RVs over the years, I'm familiar with nearly everything but my concern would be the frame.  At what point would I be looking at frame/underneath stuff needing repair or replacement.   I have seen some ads where trailers from the later 90's look like new, more or less, but at 15 years old, is the frame/axle stuff going to be an issue?  I realize this will vary but if anyone has any general ideas, I would appreciate them sharing.  I know a lot has to do with location whether or not rust is a major problem.

A trailer I get will get heavy use, hoping to be in it at least seasonally with my son volunteering at public parks, otherwise known as "the dream".