What to look for when buying a used Scamp

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What to look for when buying a used Scamp

Hi everyone!  We are currently looking at buying our first camper and have fallen in love with the Scamp.  We’ve found several used Scamps  in our area (Pacific Northwest) that are for sale.  Can someone help us by advising us on what to look for in a used camper?  The one we’re looking at in particular is a 2007 13’ with a bathroom in the front.  They’re asking $16,500.  Cosmetically it’s in excellent condition but we aren’t sure what we should be looking for “under the hood”.

Thanks for any advice!  Janis and Len 

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Some things to look for...

The axle should still be good at that age, but I like all of the wheel (not tire) to still show in the opening. Make sure everything works, the refrigerator will take hours to cool, so have the seller start it before you go to look.

Check the floor in and out for soft spots, get under and poke at it with a screwdriver. Look for leaks and misuse. Check for rust and cracks on the frame (some surface rust is ok), and door shape, the door should fit well with no light getting in. Most of all, check for a clean title/registration.

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That seems high for a 12-13

That seems high for a 12-13 year old scamp. At that price you can buy new. My 16' Scamp 2014 with most options cost that in 2014. I would buy new. If you want to camp right a way, then rent one, any kind, for some week ends, till yours is made. 12 years old is 12 years old no matter what.  Carl

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They are wonderful and do hold there value very well but we paid close to that for our 2019 with bath and most options but no air. 

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Scamp Value

It is very easy to determine where a Scamp trailer should be priced either buying or selling.

Go to the sold archive for Scamps at https://www.fiberglass-rv-4sale.com/scamp-trailers-sold

This will give you 2 years of Scamp sales history and you can find many similard models that have sold.

This guide will also help you to negotiate the purchase end as safely as possible when buying.


These are the main items that will cost $$ or major labor if they have to be replaced. Most of the rest of the stuff is spit n polish and adding mods that fit your style.

  1. Axle (as mentioned earlier) - including bearing - brakes
  2. Frame
  3. Tires
  4. Fiberglass damage/repair
  5. Headliner
  6. Upholstery and Foam
  7. Appliances
  8. Sub floor condition and replacement
  9. Converter replacement if equipped
  10. Battery
  11. Windows

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