A Used 13' Scamp for my 1st Fiberglass Trailer

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A Used 13' Scamp for my 1st Fiberglass Trailer

Hi Folks,

My wife and I have been camping with a teardrop camper for 3 years,and have caught the Scamp bug.  In a few days we will be looking at a 1990's 13 footer without a bath.  I hope some of you will guide us through what would be a used Scamp check list.  The photos of the camper look pretty good, tho ot would benefit from 'glass cleaning and some wax. 

Where might I find signs of leaks?  Is most of the wiring,  gas lines, and water lines sandwitched where they are not easily  seen?  If I plug the Scamp into a 120 volt source and the lights work, can I safely assume that the converter is fully operational and will charge the battery?

I would appreciate any tib bits that you could pass on.

Thank you.

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