Twin City Scamp Gathering

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Twin City Scamp Gathering

I just started looking at this forum but wished I would of done this earlier.  We just finished our sailing Caribbean life and last summer bought a used 2006 16' Scamp to check out this lifestyle as previously only tented.  We are wondering if there are scamp folks in Twin Cities that would like to gather some mid week night at a park somewhere?  OR are there already a few small like minded groups that gather?  We currently live in Eagan, MN

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Rose & Tom - That would be

Rose & Tom - That would be great.  I'm not aware of a Twin Cities Scamp group.  We are planning to do some midweek overnights at one of the county parks somewhere nearby.  Maybe something like that would work.  


Jim Kruzitski

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Scamp Gathering

Hi Jim,

It's easy to start a group.  Just pick a date and a place.  They will come!   I know!   Scamp Camp Far West has reached an all-time high of 33 trailers without much advertising.  You are only limited to the location you select.    Go for it!    -- Earl

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Scamp Camp

Hi Rose and Tom and welcome back to dry land.

If you would like to make it an official Scamp Camp then email us or PM and we can help you get it rolling. In your area it would fill up quickly due to the number of molded fiberglass trailers that are in that region. As Earl says, pick a location, a date, and then we can get the word out. Build it and they will come.

The park is the most important; I.E Rancho Sedona where we host Scamp Camp SW we've know them for 10 years and Earl has a good relationship with the campground for Scamp Camp Far West. Both of those campgrounds bend over backwards to help us with bookings, etc.

Our Trailers:
2015 19 Escape

Buying or Selling Molded FG Trailers:


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Happy to meet up

Hi Rose and Tom,

A mid-week meet up sounds fun (minus scamp for ease). You could name a date and place and see if people are available, and then we could plan future meets (including overnights?) at the gathering. I have never heard of a Twin Cities Scamp Club, but I know there are plenty of scamps around.

Very envious of your sailing adventures.

Carrie, Bill and Emma (age 13)

Bill, Carrie & Emma

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Twin City Scamp Gathering

Thanks for your responsees.  I wasn't thinking of bringing the scamps to make things easier.  We are also just putting this out there to see if there are others close to us that own them.   Let us do some thinking and get back to you.


Rose Hansmeyer and Tom McMaster