Tug will work well with a Scamp 16

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Tug will work well with a Scamp 16

Above I've posted that I'm looking for a nice used 16 footer.  The reason is that my tug will pull that better than a Casita 17 and I'm too tall for a 16' Casita.  The tug is not something my wife wants to part with, she's fond of our Honda Odyssey minivan.  The Odyssey has a tow rating of 3,500 pounds so a Casita fully loaded would be maxing out the minivan.  I had recently thought to buy a used Casita 17' and then sell the minivan and purchase a pick up truck, but the boss ( DW) put the skids on that plan.  So, even though I am quite fond of the 13' Scamps with the goucho I am looking for a used 16' once again.  It is tempting to purchase  new as Scamp is offering some enticing discounts prior to March 1st, but a new 16 costs more than our budget.  Please keep your fingers crossed and postitive thoughts for this pursuit.