Training for Backing Up a Trailer

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Easy Backing

If you still have difficulty backing after all this you could try putting a hitch on the front of the TV. That is FUN way to get a trailer where you want it. It also helps at night because your headlights are lighting up the area you are headed for. Not good for the highway though!!

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Pulling into your Campsite vs Backing up

Athern2, You could also take your idea one step further and simply pull into your Campsite -- Like the guy in this video...

Way Too Funny !!!!

Also Very Stupid and Dangerious !!!!

As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!

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That answers the question

Can a fifth wheel be converted to a bumper pull??  YES.  surprise

Seriously, don't do this at home....

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I never believed in the

I never believed in the concept of placing the hands in a specific position for backing up a trailer. Your best friend is the drivers side mirror. Small movements of the wheel is also a factor in backing up a short wheel based trailer. Practice practice, practice. And, by all means, remove your anti sway hitch if backing up at sharp angles. 


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We share angst over backing.

Received our Scamp two weeks ago amid torrential Oregon downpours.  Hoping to tow her for the first time this weekend (we're actually supposed to have a sunny day:)  Years ago I learned to back a trailer and was told to turn the bottom of the steering wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go.  After much trial and error, I found it did actually work.  The huge key is to take your time...breathe...breathe...and don't kill each other.  Just focus on all of those incredible places you're gearing up to visit.  Happy Scamping!


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Oscarscrib, So glad to read your post. Just thinking about learning to back up my scamp terrorizes me! I love your "breathe...breathe" comment!

Hoping your adventures are wonderful,
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Back up training

Sue, even tho I once had a 5 horse trailer and moved a mobile blood bank trailer, that was many years ago. I have decided to practice with a 12' box trailer from U Haul. Cost about $30 for a day. I figure on finding a large open parking lot to practice close order drills. I will also drive the trailer around town. Maybe need 2 sessions, but at least when I PU the Scamp I will have some recent experience.

Hope this idea helps!


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