Towing a 5th Wheel

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Towing a 5th Wheel


Can I tow a 5th Wheel Scamp with a 2010 Honda Ridgeline? I’m looking at 

either a 16’ or 5th Wheel. 


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Owner's Manual?

Do you have the owner's manual for your vehicle?  If you do, there is a section about towing, and if not you really should research it online.   What I read online was that it could tow 5,000 lbs and that towing a 5th wheel would void the warranty, but I doubt yours is under warranty anymore.  Personally, I'm guessing that it just would not work out well with that very small truck bed.  Looks like though that the 16' would be fine.  I have seen people pulling travel trailers with that type of vehicle.


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Bed sides

I think that the sloped bed sides of the Ridgeline would make contact with the trailer if you turn too sharply. There is information about bed side heights that should let you make a decsion about towing the 5th wheel.

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Coil Springs

Hello, I was looking at this truck to get as well but my father had advised against this due to the coil springs in the Ridgeline. If you plan to tow with it longer term the springs will not perform as well as leaf springs like other trucks have for the rear wheels at least.