Towing 16’ with tacoma

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Towing 16’ with tacoma

I’ve been towing a scamp 13’ with a Tacoma 4cyl pick up

I’m getting a new 16’ scamp and I’m hoping to tow it with the same truck

even though the tow rating forth this Tacoma is 3500lbs I’m looking for opinions on how this will work out, especially from someone with experience towing with a Tacoma 

Message me if you have thoughts on it


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I don't have my trailer yet but I have a mini van. I've seen a couple pulling a 16 with it on YouTube and I asked the company. They said it was fine. It has the same towing capacity 

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We have a 07 Tahoe for pulling the 16' we are getting in the fall. 5000# capacity.

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This may be a little late for

This may be a little late for you:-).

I have a 16', and I tow it with a 2000 V-6 Tacoma.  I live in Colorado, and many times I've wished for a tad more power.  If you live and travel mostly in flatter terrain, your combo may be OK, but it wouldn't do well in the mountains.


Randy in Paonia