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We are towing with a  bare bones 13 foot scamp (16-1700 lb) with a 4cyl 2004 Toyota Highlander with FWD.  We usually don't have trouble except with strong headwind or steep grades.  We are thinking about an upgrade to the 6 cyl with about 50 more hp but can go with the Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive version for almost the same price and minor fuel penalty on the AWD.  Don't plan on off-road.  Anybody using AWD and how does it work for towing???

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We do Scamp-abouts all year

We do Scamp-abouts all year around and pull our "Lil Critter" with an AWD Chevy Equinox.  It works really great.  Only thing to remember is, do NOT leave the car in cruise control when climbing a grade during a heavy rain....It will startle you when the AWD kicks in!  We put 236,000 miles on our previous 2005 practically trouble free 6 cyl  car and traded it in on a new 2015 6 cyl.

Bob D
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Towing with FWD vs AWD

If I were faced with the same choice as you are, I would choose the AWD version.

I really feel there are definite advantages to having power at the rear wheels when it comes to towing.

I've driven FWD cars for years, but, I would want Rear Wheel Drive for towing (or in your case AWD).

Happy Scamping !!!


As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!

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Scamp Towing

We tow with a 2012 6 cyl. Ford Esacpe and get a bit over 18 mpg. All wheel drive vehicles suffer from fuel mileage issues and that is why we chose what we did. Tows great, and we have the deluxe edition Esacpe, nice for towing, blue tooth, GPS, great sound system with XM radio, commercial free! We tow a 16 ft. Scamp and to tows great on overdrive as long as we are on level highways,trying to avoid down shifting.

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