Toilet/shower pan wax ring (resolved)

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Toilet/shower pan wax ring (resolved)

Hey folks!

Does anyone know what purpose the wax ring under the toilet tank serves on the Scamp? I just disassembled my toilet and the wax ring doesn't look to have anything to do isolating the black water as it would in a house toilet installation.

I have attached a picture of the bottom of the black water (toilet) tank. The drain pipe threads directly into the bottom of the tank. The wax ring is external to that connection.

Any insight/feedback is greatly appreciated...




"Scamp uses the wax ring not to seal the waste pipe to the black water tank, but instead to create a seal around the waste pipe as it goes through the floor to the dump valve. This seal is only to keep shower water in the shower pan (floor) instead of it going out the gap between the waste pipe and the hole in the floor."

Leaving this in case it helps someone else :)