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things I'd do differently

I am now on my second Scamp, the first  a 2019 16' standard layout 4, the most recent a 13' standard without bathroom.

I've gone thru 2 different styles of screen doors with the Scamps, the first an accordion style, the current one a roll up style.  Neither have been the greatest at keeping the bugs out, both having gaps.  In the future, I would forego ordering the screen door.  I have found this one on Amazon a much better choice, easy to install and also take down in the winter when not needed, and did a great job at keeping the bugs out, a MAGZO Customized, Magnetic Screen Door:

My first Scamp did not have a/c so I decided to get one for the second Scamp.  But, next time I'll probably forego this a/c unit in favor of a different one.  I find the Dometic unit that Scamp provides blasts too much, even at the lowest settings, and doesn't seem to ever shut off unless manually turned off. I've read the owners manual and manual specific to the a/c unit and can't find better adjustments.

Anyone else have opinions about these items?

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perspectives on different things

We have the accordion-style screen door.  I like it from the standpoint that it stays closed when our cat pushes on it.  I also put shoes or something in front of it so it can't be pulled back by the cat.  Furthermore, our dog can see the screen door and won't jump through it like a maniac.  We haven't had a problem with insects maybe because we haven't camped in an area with tons of insects and because we usually don't have the lights on with the screen door.  Insects can find their way around the tiniest of space especially when a light is attracting them.   There is a gap at the top of the screen door that a person could glue a rubber flap on the door frame and cover the gap without interfering with opening and closing the door.

Our AC works fine (2012 model).  The settings work well so we can control the temperature and the air output well.  It is noisy--kinda clunks when it kicks in--but I am usually tired from hiking or driving and sleep fine.  Because I am only moderately handy and slightly lazy, I would go with Scamp's AC installation rather finding a better AC and installing it myself.  Other people might enjoy the do-it-yourself project.   

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Screen door and AC

I like the style of screen door that Scamp uses in their newer models. I haven't had a problem with insects getting past the screen.  As far as the air conditioner, I agree that it is much too loud.  It needs to have a night cool setting with a slow fan speed. 

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!3' Deluxe with A/C

We picked up our 2023 13' Deluxe last month.  I'm pleased that the birch interior dampens a lot of the air conditioners noise.  Our previous 13' std.  was much noisier. 

BTW, the thermostat has been moved to the bench side of the closet and most of the thermo lag is gone.

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Our Scamp 13 is our 8th

Our Scamp 13 is our 8th camper, and all but three of those had A/C units.  The Scamp A/C is definitely loud, but no more so than on the other campers we've had.  I think that the tiny size of the Scamp might exaggerate the volume though.  Our 61 Airstream Bambi had the same issue.  I don't use the A/C often, and when I do, it's hot enough outside that I can happily live with the noise.

My sister has a new stick and staple trailer with a home model window AC installed in a cabinet.  I think it is marginally quieter than the roof mount, but takes up a cabinet and has problems with heat exchange, since the part of the A/C designed to be outside on a house is contained in a marginally ventilated cabinet instead.  Also, the home model A/C units aren't really built to be bounced around in a trailer.  Of course, they're enough cheaper than the roof mount RV units, that a person could afford to replace them several times for the same price.  I think that one mounted through the back wall like on a Lil Snoozy could probably be a pretty good option.


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Scamp AC

Hi Dave.  We just bought a 1980 16-ft Scamp last summer.  Lots of remodeling to do this winter.  It did not come with an AC unit.  Where is the AC unit installed/mounted in your Scamp?  And since you have had other Scamps with AC units, have they all been mounted in the same place?  If not, do you have a favorite place for mounting them?  Ken 

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The AC is mounted in the roof

The AC is mounted in the roof of my Scamp.  It's the only place I've seen factory installed units on Scamps. 

This is my first Scamp, the other trailers I've had with AC were mostly Airstreams, but I had a smaller (still too big for us) Trail Lite 18.9 footer.  All had roof mounted AC.

I camped next to a fellow earlier this year who had a great idea--He installed a small "mini split" unit in his Wolf Pup trailer.  The outside unit mounted on the tongue, and the very small inside unit was mounted inside a cabinet inside.  I have had two mini splits in houses (and it's my primary heat and air today), and they are great.  Very very quiet and super efficient.  You might look into something like this too.

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Excellent suggestion Dave. 

Excellent suggestion Dave.  We'll look into some mini splits.  Thanks. 

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Roof Strength

On older Scamps, if it was originally sold with a roof air conditioner- Scamp reinforced the ceiling to handle the increased weight and stress. If the older unit was sold without a/c, it got a standard non reinforced (weaker) roof, since there was no need for the added reinforcement. I don't know how good it would be to add a roof a/c to an older model without checking with Scamp. Now all models are sold with the better reinforced ceiling regardless of the a/c option. Does anyone know what year that policy started?


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After 2002

We took our 2002 16 ft to Backus to have the AC installed last summer.They had to add the reinforcement. I don't remember what year they said they started reinforcing all Scamps but it was after 2002. They did a good job on the install.

2002 16 ft Scamp

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Factory Reinforced Scamp roofs


When a roof air conditioner is installed, it is necessary to reinforce the roof to support the added weight and stress. To accomplish this, a thick fiber mat is rolled into the ceiling. In most cases, the Roof Support can still be added after the fact and an Air Conditioner installed. The trailer will typically be at our shop three days to complete this procedure.

As of 2010 all 16ft and 19ft trailers come with the roof support by default.

As of 2018 all 13ft trailers also have the roof support by default.

For many years, if air conditioning was not ordered with a trailer, the support was optional and the buyer would choose whether or not to have it. This is indicated in the buyer’s paperwork as an item line “Roof Air-Prep Only”. Another way to check for this is to look for a 120 volt NM-B type wire tucked behind the ceiling fabric strip. This wire will be on the same side of the trailer as the breaker panel.